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Residential HVAC Design

HVAC Design for residential Permit Applications

  • 24 hr
  • $250-$1200
  • Online Consultation or Phone Call

Service Description

A loads analysis of the house using CSA approved software is the first step when approaching HVAC sizing and equipment selection. This will ensure optimal comfort and energy performance. From the initial loads assessment, professional HVAC equipment right-sizing and distribution designs are completed. Optimal design considers a variety of often competing constraints - such as window-to-wall ratios versus solar heat gain, ASHP heating versus design heating peak loads, radiant heating versus air circulation. Therefore ensuring a complete energy review & HVAC design is essential to the success of any residential building project. ~ F280-12 Heat Loss/Heat Gain ~ Energy Efficiency Design Summary ~ OBS Part 9 Ventilation Design ~ HRAI Duct Design ~ Duct Take-off & Material List ** Complete HVAC Package (F280 Heat Loss/Gain, EEDS, HRV, Ducts, Vent) ** ~ SB12 Prescriptive Package ~ SB12 Performance Package ~ Part 6 / F326 Ventilation Design ~ Radiant boiler design ~ Manual J Load Calculations ~ Manual D & S HVAC Design ~ Residential Energy Optimization & Orientation Analysis ~ P Eng review and stamped drawings per Building Official requirements Typically projects require an initial zero-cost meeting to discuss the requirements & scope of the project. To complete a HVAC design we would need to review drawings, specifications, budgets, & constraints.

Contact Details

647 229 8606

Kitchener, ON, Canada

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