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Energy & Hvac Design

Registered BCIN & Engineering Services


Why Energy focused design?

Building with a focus on energy conservation, smart equipment/material selection, detailed scope coordination, and performance focused design will always outperform basic design approaches. The extra time and effort put towards the detailed design process eliminates cost extras and construction errors, as well as maintenance call-backs during the entire lifecycle of the building. The basis of the design approach used by BPConstruct is to always consider the impact of an installation on the entire project - whether it be energy, cost, maintenance, aesthetic or schedule constraints, we have it covered.

Services Provided


Registered and Certified Designer (P.Eng, BCIN, M.Sc, B.E.Sc)

Over 10+ years of engineering design and construction experience in the KW and GTA regions.

Over 300 projects completed, large and small residential/commercial building design.

Professional Engineer in Ontario registered with the PEO to provide HVAC/Energy services.

Registered Building Services Designer in Ontario to provide residential / commercial HVAC & Energy designs.

Registered Energy Auditor in Canada to provide residential energy audit & performance services.


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