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Commercial HVAC Design

HVAC Design for small commercial retail & business

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Service Description

Commercial HVAC design employs a different approach than traditional or prescriptive residential design. Internal loads such as people, lights, and equipment operate on variable schedules and must be taken into careful consideration since they have a much larger impact. Also, construction coordination is often more challenging due to the larger scope and complexity of these projects. Specifying complex building automation control sequencing is perhaps not ideal for more traditional office and retail spaces, and may create continuing headaches for building operators. Therefore, careful attention to operational details and involvement in the entire project lifecycle is typically the solution for a successful commercial HVAC project. ~ ASHRAE CTLD/RTS Load Calcs ~ ACCA Manual N Calcs ~ ASHRAE Duct Design ~ OBC / HRAI Duct Design ~ NECB Energy Compliance ~ SB-10 Energy Compliance ~ P.Eng designed and stamped drawings ~ P.Eng Review Please contact to discuss the scope of the project and pricing.

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647 229 8606

Kitchener, ON, Canada

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